Case Studies Catalogue Print

Client is "wrapped" with the outcome....

The Problem

A new client wanted to produce their regular catalogue, but had also been approached by one of their valued suppliers who wanted to add an insert into the catalogue. The problems were turnaround time and the prohibitive costs associated with insertion.

How we helped

The unique configuration of our press allowed us to design a wrap for the inside of the catalogue. We designed a new format for our press, running two towers together (a 700mm reel and a 400ml reel) and created a 12-page product consisting of 8 tabloid pages and a 4-page wrap.

The Result

We designed a cost-effective solution that satisfied the needs of both our client, and their supplier. The longer lead-time gave all parties involved more breathing room during the pre-production phase, and the end result was an innovative product which has proven to be incredibly versatile.