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Harcourts is known internationally as an award-winning real estate company with a client-focused approach. As a part of the Harcourts Business Partner program, we provide a wide range of services to various Harcourts offices across New Zealand, but it’s our digital press that helps us stand out as their print partners.

Things change fast in the real estate industry and Harcourts’ collateral needs to keep up. However, traditional printing methods require large-scale print runs to produce a high-quality, economical result. Our new Revoria PC1120 digital press is the first of its kind in New Zealand and provides the perfect alternative.

The Revoria PC1120 is a high-speed printer that produces high-definition visuals very efficiently. It can also print smaller runs efficiently and to a high standard, making it the perfect option for Harcourts' collateral that requires regular updates.

The challenge

Keeping up with the changing real estate market means plenty of collateral is required, but it becomes outdated quickly. So the ability to print smaller runs of items like the Harcourts Blue Book, mailers, and flyers means we can help the Harcourts team stay on the ball with less waste and less cost. And our additional capacity for longer-term collateral lets them get all their printing done in one place.

Our process

Utilising the capabilities of our digital press, we can produce collateral for Harcourts businesses in smaller runs to help them keep up with the constant change in the industry. Flyers, thank you cards, mailers, business cards and more can all be produced to the highest quality.