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Digital Press - Revoria Press PC1120

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The Revoria Digital Press PC1120 offers high-speed printing without compromising on quality and has endless colour possibilities. It is a highly versatile machine for jobs of all kinds, incredibly efficient and cost effective especially for small runs. It can also handle a wide variety of paper options, making it a great choice for banners and other small-run collateral. Its multiple special ink capabilities can create a more vivid finish on your final product.

PANTONE® and metallic effects

By layering CMYK over Silver or Gold, we can achieve a wide array of vibrant metallic hues. Additionally, the press has an exclusive selection of pre-installed metallic shades and access to PANTONE® colours.

AI-based photo quality optimisation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) automatically identifies the scene depicted in each image and applies appropriate corrections tailored to each scene. This includes enhancing low-quality images with low contrast and brightness.

Image enhancement

Improved image quality has been achieved through the implementation of "Edge Enhancement," which smoothes jagged edges on thin lines and text outlines, and "Adjust Invert Text/Line Weight," which corrects thickened or blurred text.

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The applications

The digital press supports a wide range of paper weights (from 52 gsm to 400 gsm) and banner sheets up to 33 x 120 cm. Widen the scope of your printing application with powerful panoramic posters, banners and self-adhesives, business cards, table talkers, flyers, tent cards, small volume magazines, booklets, and more.


Our top-of-the-line technology and facilities enable us to deliver on every project. With an extensive range of print options available in the Inkwise plant, our capabilities are unbeatable.


With our years of experience in the print industry together with the technical expertise of our team, we deliver smarter solutions every time.


The quality produced in the Inkwise plant is second to none and with a large range of stock choice, we’ll help you achieve that competitive edge.

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Core features

Maximum media size: 33 x 120 cm
Maximum paper weight:
400 gsm
6-colour print
Print resolution:
2400 x 2400 dpi
High-speed printing:
120 ppm even when printing in 6 colours

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